It's time to let that shit go.

Life was never meant to be this hard. However, sometimes our own choices or the choices of others may have gotten the best of us which created some very interesting dynamics.

We love spontaneity, synchronicity, and experimenting with what works best.

We are fans of honoring people’s uniqueness and authenticity. We think that is what makes humanity great. To learn more please watch the video below.

What makes us different?

Meet Nicole, founder of Beautiful Souls Mission AKA BS and Speed Venting. She is a highly trained, internationally known, Spiritual artist who believes in making the world more beautiful one step at a time.

This is spirit led. When we receive the messages to send out the notification that is when it's done. It's all divinely orchestrated. Which means when we operate off divine timing, we align ourselves with greater harmony, rhythm and the flow of life.

We are donations only. We understand the value of "every penny counts". We like some of the good old fashion way... like word of mouth. At this time we are going to step back from social media by letting nature takes it course.

How to Play:

  • First, make your monthly donation
  • Then sign up to receive "TEXT" notifications.
  • Throughout the week you will receive notification of when Speed Venting will begin.
  • You have the option to join in at that time or not.
  • Plan for 30 minutes of your day.
  • All speed venting will be done virtually through zoom.
  • Upon entry your zoom will be muted, please keep yourself muted.
  • 5 minute introduciton. 5-10 minutes of venting. Followed by a 10-15 minute group meditation.
  • If you would like to moderate your notifacations send us and email and we will take care of that as soon as possible.


    "Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand." Confucius 450 B.C

    Benefits of Speed Venting & Helpful Tips

    We love catering to all flavors of life.


    Release built up tension and frustration without taking it out on those you love.

    Helpful Tips

  • A private room would be great so that you can really let it out.
  • At work? Take a quick trip to your car...
  • When all else fails the closet is always a great hiding spot.

  • Benefits

    In a pity party? Join Speed Venting. After the group meditation people feel way more calm and relaxed.

    Helpful Tips

  • Best results is to lay down during the meditation.
  • Headphones work great with listening to the music and tuning out distractions.
  • You many want to grab and notebook and pen to write out.
  • Benefits

    No one is judging you. You get to vent as yourself. We do ask you stay fully clothed though. Masks not required.

    Helpful Tips

  • We encourage crying.
  • We encourage saying fuck, bullshit, piss off, you get the
  • Hand gestures are great too...
  • Get in touch

    Got a suggestion? Great! Send us a email on how we can improve.

    We are not responsible for any health condition that you have. We are not responsible for any emotional or mental issues you may have.